Automate your PowerPoint Reporting

Stop the back and forth of analyzing in one tool and building presentations in another.

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How it works​

Gain incredible efficiencies by doing your analysis and reporting in one tool.

1. Do the whole of your analysis in Displayr​
2. Create a striking presentation
3. Export to PowerPoint​
4. Batch export for multiple automated reports
5. Automatically update with revised data

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Do the entirety of your analysis in Displayr

One of the great time-sucks of PowerPoint is crunching the numbers somewhere else, and then cutting and pasting them into PowerPoint. And manual steps like this always come back to bite. Displayr solves this problem. You do all your analysis and reporting in the one app.

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Create a striking presentation

Displayr's got all the tools you need to create a striking presentation. Master slides for formatting. Any color you want. Layout things just like in PowerPoint. Lots of great visualizations.

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Export to PowerPoint

Export to PowerPoint with the click of a button. And when you open it in PowerPoint, it will still look as good as it did in Displayr. No need to reformat or tidy it up.

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Batch exporting for multiple automated reports

Just click a button to run lots of reports by region or other sub-groups. No need to cut and paste revised data into your report!

Automatic updating with revised data

And, most awesomely, you can switch your data and everything updates magically!

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Your plan to stop wasting countless hours on repetitive, manual Powerpoint Reporting

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Churn out your brilliant results

Churn out your brilliant analysis and reporting.

If it’s automated PowerPoint reporting or any market research analysis, you’ll do it faster and easier in Displayr.

Your painful manual tasks are costing you time, resources and money.

“A dashboard that would've taken a week to do previously is now ready in two days.

Michelle Mercer, Lewers Research

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