Creating Tables Using R and Pure HTML
06 December 2018 | by Tim Bock

R tables are not good enough to share with non-R users, both in terms of attractiveness and ease of reading. You can use R to write tables in pure HTML.

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Make Beautiful Tables with the Formattable Package
16 November 2018 | by Tim Bock

The formattable package allows you to create beautiful tables in R. This post is a handy guide to the syntax of formattable, with worked examples.

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Building an Interactive Globe Visualization in R
01 November 2018 | by Jake Hoare

The threejs R package can be used to build an interactive globe visualization and plot geographic data. The globe can be rotated or zoomed in and out.

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5 Alternatives to the Default R Outputs for GLMs and Linear Models
17 October 2018 | by Tim Bock

The standard summary outputs from the glm and lm summary methods are a case in point. If you have been using R for as long

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Using R to Create Free Online Dashboards
12 September 2018 | by Tim Bock

It is now possible to create public dashboards, based on R code, for free. Displayr allows you to create and share interactive charts, maps, and more!

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