Exporting to PowerPoint 2: How to Create PowerPoint Reports in Displayr
11 November 2020 | by Jan Jesenovec

In this post, I will show you how to create a PowerPoint report using Displayr. The idea is to get the vast majority of analysis

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Great looking dashboard
Create and Update PowerPoint Reports using R
31 August 2017 | by Tim Bock

An introduction to three tools that make creating and updating PowerPoint reports using R much more efficient and less painful.

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Put PowerPoint into Cruise Control: How to Automatically Update Your Reports
14 July 2017 | by Matt Steele

An exploration of what processes can be automated in PowerPoint, and how different analysis software packages leverage this.

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Introduction to Displayr 6: Automated and Reproducible Reporting
31 January 2017 | by Tim Bock

This is the final blog post in our series introducing Displayr’s functionality. It focuses on reporting.     Creating a report by exporting the document A Displayr document

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