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Creator (Histograms)
Creator (Histograms)
Creator (Histograms)
Creator (Histograms)
Creator (Histograms)

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Displayr's free histogram maker has a range of options for you to quickly create your histogram.

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Get started with Displayr's histogram creator. A histogram is used to visualize the underlying frequency distribution or shape of a set of continuous numeric data. For example, people’s height or weight or how many fast-food meals they consumer per year. How do histograms work? A histogram divides up the range of possible values into buckets or bins, places each observation into the relevant bin and then shows how many observations are in each bin. Please don’t confuse the histogram for a vertical bar chart or column chart, while they may look similar, histograms have a more specific function. It’s super easy to create a histogram with Displayr’s free histogram maker. Using our histogram creator, all you have to do is enter in your data and choose how you want your histogram to look!

 A histogram provides a visual representation of the frequency of data distribution. They display a large amount of data and the frequency in which the data values appear. Histograms are also super useful because you can determine the median of the data as well as discovering any outliers or gaps. Displayr’s easy histogram maker is fully customizable. Meaning that can choose the size of your histogram as well as what other colors you’d like to use alongside other formatting and appearance options. Our histogram maker is also fully editable and interactive, letting your viewers explore the data in their own time. Don’t forget that Displayr’s histogram maker lets you save, export and share your histogram wherever you like! This histogram creator is ready for you!

“It was so easy and a huge relief to be able to create a histogram that looked so fantastic so quickly with Displayr”

Make my histogram!

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Don’t limit yourself to just histograms though! There is a whole world out there of awesome ways to visualize your data. Whether it’s pie charts (another classic!) or Sankey diagrams or the always cool scatterplots, Displayr can help you transform your data into whatever story you want to tell! And just like the histograms, you can customize colors, sizes and fonts and have a play with Displayr’s cool features. Even better, combine different visualizations to create a truly impressive infographic or presentation. What are you waiting for?

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