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A scatterplot is a type of two-dimensional data visualization that uses dots to represent the values of two different variables. The data for each point is shown by its position plotted horizontally along the x-axis and vertically along the y-axis. This is often done to show the relationship between these two variables. Scatter plots look impressive but are very simple to make using Displayr’s scatter plot maker. You can show additional variables using labels, markers, colors, transparency or size. Using Displayr’s free scatterplot maker, you can also create ‘small multiples’ of scatterplot. Scatter plots are also known as scatter plots, scatter graphs, scatter charts, scattergrams and scatter diagrams. They are also occasionally called correlation plots.

Often scatterplots do show an additional third or fourth variable. One of the ways is to do so is to use the size of each data point to form a circle or bubble with the size of the bubble corresponding to the relative size of the value. Sometimes these are known as bubble plots. Scatter plots will also often include a trend line to make the relationship clearer. It couldn’t be easier to use Displayr’s scatterplot maker to create easily readable, interactive and professional looking scatterplots. Displayr’s scatter plot maker is fully customizable so you can adjust the color palette, labels and logos etc. When you’re done, don’t forget that you can export your chart and share it via social media or email or save it for later.

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Don’t limit yourself to just scatterplot though! There is a whole world out there of awesome ways to visualize your data. Whether it’s pie charts (another classic!) or Sankey diagrams or the always cool bubble charts, Displayr can help you transform your data into whatever story you want to tell! And just like the scatterplots, you can customize colors, sizes and fonts and have a play with Displayr’s cool features. Even better, combine different visualizations to create a truly impressive infographic or presentation. What are you waiting for?

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