word cloud.

Tutorial: Smartphone Marketing – What’s in a Name?
27 July 2018 | by Madeleine Picard

Want to know how we made our visualizations? Find out how to do your own text analysis and create your own word clouds in Displayr!

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trump word cloud
How to Show Sentiment in Word Clouds using R
15 February 2018 | by Tim Bock

The Word Cloud above summarizes some data from tweets by President Trump. The green words are words that are significantly more likely to be used

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7 Alternatives to Word Clouds or Phrase Clouds for Data Visualization
16 September 2017 | by Tim Bock

Discover 7 alternatives to word clouds for data visualization purposes. Learn why they're effective, then sign up to Displayr to create them. Learn more.

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Using Text Analytics to Tidy a Word Cloud
27 February 2017 | by Tim Bock

It is common when people create word clouds that they want more control. Limit the word cloud to frequently occurring words. Join together words in phrases. Automatically

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The Best Tool for Creating a Word Cloud
27 February 2017 | by Tim Bock

This post shows you why Displayr is the best tool for creating word clouds using real data about Tom Cruise (from a time when he was a bit less popular!).

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