Shapley regression.

You Can Now Run Shapley Regression in Displayr
19 March 2020 | by Tim Bock

Shapley Regression, also known as Shapley Value Regression, is the leading method for driver analysis. It calculates the importance of different predictors in explaining an

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What is Shapley Value Regression?
29 March 2018 | by Tim Bock

Shapley Value regression is a technique for working out the relative importance of predictor variables in linear regression. Read more here.

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When to Use Relative Weights Over Shapley
19 April 2017 | by Justin Yap

Shapley regression has been gaining popularity in recent years and has been (re-)invented multiple times. However, relative weights, should be used instead.

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Chart comparing Shapley with Relative Weights
The Difference Between Shapley Regression and Relative Weights
19 April 2017 | by Justin Yap

Studies have shown that Shapley regression and Relative Weights provide surprisingly similar scores, despite being constructed in very different ways.

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