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Displayr helps you find and visualize the insights in your data - so you can build and grow the brands your customers will love.

Brand Research

Grow and maintain a brand your customers love with Brand Research

Analyze and report on your brand loyalty, awareness, positioning and health with Displayr’s suite of easy to use tools, visualizations and interactive dashboards (with auto-updating!). Illuminate what drives brand equity, understand why your customers love your brand and preempt competitive strikes. Your customers will love you even more for it.


Auto-update, survey, sensory, sales, marketing, SPSS, SQL, and more.


Trackers, funnels, driver analysis, text analysis, market structure, and positioning.


Interactive web pages & dashboards, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF.

Brand Tracking

Forget about unwieldy brand tracking studies - now they couldn’t be easier to update and explore. Simply replace your data file and all your analyses, visualizations, filters, weights and text summaries will update. Best of all - you can now replace hundreds of boring charts with Displayr’s easy to understand summary visualizations. You can control what your viewers see as well as letting them explore interactively with custom drop-down menus, hovers, hyperlinks and more.

Brand Health Analysis

Easily synthesize multiple inputs like awareness, consideration and purchase intent into a conversion table or interactive funnel visualization. Apply weights, filters, or choose to auto-update with new data.

Market Structure

Understand and interpret market structure, brand positioning, and key drivers. Driver analysis, quad maps and sophisticated correspondence analysis are now all at your fingertips. Displayr has also made it simple to scrape and analyze your social media and text data. Use sentiment analysis to understand if your customers are happy and identify themes in conversations. Rapidly code text using Displayr’s state-of-the-art text analysis tools.

Interactive Reports & Presentations

Fashion beautiful reports with Displayr’s library of customizable, interactive visualizations perfect for brand research - small multiples, splines, trended scatterplots and more! Share your results and insights with interactive reports and dashboards and empower your views to self-serve and explore. Check out some amazing dashboards now.

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“ I now spend less time looking though different versions of tables and more time deeply exploring the things that are interesting. I’m proud of what I’ve managed to create in Displayr.”
Julia O'Brien, Fifth Dimension Research

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