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A radar chart is definitely a cool way of presenting your data and it couldn’t be easier with Displayr’s radar chart maker. Sometimes called a spider graph or polar chart or web chart or star plot, radar charts are effectively a line or area chart, wrapped around a central axis.  It can be difficult for viewers to interpret large tables with a lot of data and cells. Radar charts can be used to show multiple quantitative variables and are an awesome way of showing or highlighting which parts of the data stands out in comparison to the rest. This also makes them particularly good for identifying any outliers amongst each variable. How do radar charts work? Each variable is provided with an axis that starts from the center. All axes are arranged radially with equal distances between each other and connecting grid lines. This forms what resembles a spider’s web, hence why radar charts are sometimes called spider charts/graphs or web charts. Each variable value is plotted along its individual axis and the variables are connected together to form a polygon shape.

However, be careful! Having too many polygons on one radar chart can make it hard to read, cluttered and confusing. However, with Displayr’s free radar chart maker you can take some simple steps to make your radar chart more readable. The best thing to do is to keep your radar chart simple and limit the number of variables included. Also consider switching to a different chart type if your variables are all fairly similar and overlap a lot. Displayr’s radar chart maker also allows you to customize formatting, text and colors. Choosing colors or your color palette carefully can go a long way towards readability. Our free radar chart maker also gives you the option to have the center of your polygons filled in, meaning that the top polygon can cover all the other’s underneath it. Another option is to just show the outline of the polygon or play with the transparency of the fill. Finally, you can also create several small multiples of your radar chart to show only two variables at a time. Don’t forget that once you’re happy with your radar chart, you can export it to wherever you like!

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Make my radar chart!

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Don’t limit yourself to just radar charts though! There is a whole world out there of awesome ways to visualize your data. Whether it’s pie charts (another classic!) or Sankey diagrams or the always cool scatterplots, Displayr can help you transform your data into whatever story you want to tell! And just like the radar charts, you can customize colors, sizes and fonts and have a play with Displayr’s cool features. Even better, combine different visualizations to create a truly impressive infographic or presentation. What are you waiting for?

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