Column Chart.

How To Add a Line to a Column Chart
01 November 2019 | by Liz Kucko

By adding a line to a column chart, you can add context to make your visualization more compelling and better display the relationship between two

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Customizing Colors Within a Series on a Bar, Column, or Pyramid Visualization
29 July 2019 | by Tim Bock

The normal boring use of color The bar chart below is the default bar chart created by Displayr. Color is merely adornment on this chart;

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How to Make a Column Chart in Displayr
29 December 2018 | by Mattias Engdahl

Two Methods and Four Chart Types There are two methods of creating charts in Displayr.  The first is to simply change the way you table

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What is a Column Chart?
23 September 2018 | by Tim Bock

A column chart is a data visualization where each category is represented by a rectangle with the height of the rectangle being proportional to the values.

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NPS column chart with sparklines
Using Sparklines to Show Trends in Bar and Column Charts
09 November 2017 | by Tim Bock

Using sparklines in charts with multiple series of data improves readability by showing where are we today, movement since last time and long-term trend.

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