Dimension Reduction.

Learn More about Dimension Reduction in Displayr
09 September 2020 | by Tim Ali

Correspondence Analysis Webinar: DIY Market Mapping Using Correspondence Analysis Ebook: DIY Correspondence Analysis How Correspondence Analysis Works (A Simple Explanation) Understanding the Math of Correspondence

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What is Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)?
25 September 2018 | by Tim Bock

Multidimensional scalling (MDS) is a technique used to visualize the distance between objects when the distance between pairs of objects are known.

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shepard diagram
Goodness of Fit in MDS and t-SNE with Shepard Diagrams
28 September 2017 | by Jake Hoare

Shepard diagrams are a great way to assess goodness of fit for data reduction methods such as MDS and t-SNE.This post shows you how and includes the data.

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Leaf categories
How t-SNE works and Dimensionality Reduction
05 September 2017 | by Jake Hoare

t-SNE is a method for visualizing high dimensional space. It often produces more insightful charts than the alternatives like PCA.

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DIY Conjoint: Data checking and statistical analysis
First session 26 May 2022

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