driver analysis.

Driver Analysis in Displayr
05 May 2020 | by Tim Bock

Displayr’s driver analysis makes it both easy and fast to perform driver analysis. This post gives an overview of the key features in Displayr designed

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How to Identify the Key Drivers of Your Net Promoter Score
19 March 2019 | by Kris Tonthat

NPS driver analysis is often seen as a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be. Displayr makes NPS driver analysis a breeze!

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Customer Satisfaction: General, Product, & Attribute Questions
14 December 2018 | by Madeleine Picard

Rather than just measuring one type of customer satisfaction, it's useful to measure these three aspects of customer satisfaction.

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What is Driver Analysis?
03 April 2018 | by Tim Bock

Driver analysis is used to quantify the importance of a series of several predictor variables in predicting an outcome variable.

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key driver analysis
The Problem with Using Multiple Linear Regression for Key Driver Analysis: a Case Study of the Cola Market
18 June 2017 | by Tim Bock

Why is Multiple Linear Regression the standard technique taught for Key Driver Analysis when it gets it so wrong? The better method is Johnson’s Relative We

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5 Ways to Visualize Relative Importance Scores from Key Driver Analysis
26 April 2017 | by Tim Bock

5 ways of presenting the results of key driver analysis techniques, such as Shapley Value, Kruskal Analysis, and Relative Weights.

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