Customer Satisfaction.

Analyzing Customer Satisfaction Scores
09 January 2019 | by Mattias Engdahl

Having collected your customer satisfaction data, it’s time to do some analysis. Here I’ve outlined four common and simple methods of analyzing your customer satisfaction

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How to Analyze Trends in Customer Satisfaction
28 December 2018 | by Carmen Chan

One of the most important things you want to ensure when selling a product or service is that customer satisfaction is not deteriorating over time.

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Identifying Drivers of Customer Satisfaction
19 December 2018 | by Carmen Chan

Customer satisfaction data can be analysed using Relative Importance Analysis to identify most important factors affecting customer satisfaction.

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Customer Satisfaction: General, Product, & Attribute Questions
14 December 2018 | by Madeleine Picard

Rather than just measuring one type of customer satisfaction, it's useful to measure these three aspects of customer satisfaction.

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What Else to Ask in a Customer Satisfaction Survey
13 December 2018 | by Mattias Engdahl

The goal of a Customer Satisfaction Survey is to understand not only how satisfied your customers are with your product, but also what makes them satisfied. 

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Why is Customer Satisfaction important?
13 December 2018 | by Madeleine Picard

Most businesses collect data on customer satisfaction. It's crucial to use that customer feedback to make improvements to your business.

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Dos and Don’ts for Customer Satisfaction Surveys
07 December 2018 | by Madeleine Picard

Customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to gain valuable insight. This list of ten dos and don'ts will help you improve your surveys.

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What is Customer Satisfaction?
28 November 2018 | by Madeleine Picard

If you've ever purchased anything, you've likely come across the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). This simple measure can help you improve your business.

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