This page collates the different materials we have on how to filter data in Displayr. In this context “filtering” is synonymous with subseting, drilling down and rebasing. The topics range from how to create and apply binary filters from different sources to how to filter tables, visualizations and R outputs using built-in data manipulations and code, and entire pages and documents via control boxes and view-mode filter selections.


What is Data Filtering?

What is Rebasing?

5 Things to Consider Before Building Your Dashboard


Variables and Questions

5 Ways to Create a Filter in Displayr

How to Filter Data in Displayr

How to Use Basic R Code for Creating Filters

Easy Functions for Automating Filters and Rebasing

Filters in Displayr

Managing Filters and Weights

10 Ways to Create New Variables in Displayr

Using Support Vector Machines in Displayr


Control boxes

Adding a Combo Box to a Displayr Dashboard

How to Connect Filters to a Combo Box (Control)

Combo Boxes (Controls) With Dynamic Lists in Displayr

How to Use the Same Control on Multiple Pages

How to Dynamically Change a Question Based on a Control Box

Using Controls to Determine when to Show Outputs

How to Switch Logos and Images Based on User Selections

How to Customize the Sample Size Description Widget

Optimizing your Conjoint Analysis Simulator in Displayr


R Visualizations, Tables and Outputs

How to Filter Rows and Columns in Visualizations and Tables without Code

How to Remove a Row or Column using R in Displayr

Filtering a Subset of Tables and Visualizations on a Page in Displayr

Creating tables with multiple variables (filters and multiway tables)


Pages and Documents

Using Displayr to Filter Data, Analyses, and Whole Reports

How to Filter a Dashboard Based on User Logins

Allowing Users to Filter Pages in Dashboards

How to Automatically Export Multiple Reports with Different Filters


Troubleshooting Guide, Videos, Tutorials and Dashboards

Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ on Filtering

Using R in Displayr Video Series

Tutorial: Filtering Data

Dashboard Design: 8 Types of Online Dashboards

Dashboard Example Gallery