This page gathers together the different materials we have on how to set up and run Conjoint in Displayr.


Conjoint Analysis: The Basics

Main Applications of Conjoint Analysis

Webinar: Introduction to Conjoint



Experimental Design for Conjoint Analysis: Overview and Examples

Writing a Questionnaire for a Conjoint Analysis Study

Sample Size for Conjoint Analysis

Algorithms to Create your Choice Model Experimental Design

The Efficient Algorithm for Choice Model Experimental Designs

The Partial Profiles Algorithm for Experimental Designs

How to Create Alternative-Specific Choice Model Designs in Displayr

How to Set Up a Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis in Qualtrics

How Good is your Choice Model Experimental Design?

How to Check an Experimental Design (MaxDiff, Choice Modeling)

Webinar: How to Create Experimental Designs for Conjoint



Formatting Data for Running Conjoint in Displayr

How to do Choice Modeling in Displayr

How to Use Hierarchical Bayes for Choice Modeling in Displayr

How to Use Simulated Data to Check Choice Model Experimental Designs Using Displayr

How to Analyze Dual-Response ‘None of These’ Conjoint Models in Displayr

How to Check a Choice-Based Conjoint Model

Testing Whether an Attribute Should be Numeric or Categorical in Conjoint Analysis

Numeric Attributes in Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis in Displayr

Numeric versus Categorical Price Attributes in Conjoint Analysis

Reordering Attribute Levels in Conjoint Analysis Models in Displayr

Comparing HB Root-likelihood (RLH) Between Displayr and Sawtooth

Checking Convergence When Using Hierarchical Bayes for Conjoint Analysis

Performing Conjoint Analysis Calculations with HB Draws (Iterations)

Comparing Choice Models and Creating Ensembles in Displayr

12 Techniques for Increasing the Accuracy of Forecasts from Conjoint Analysis

Understanding Logit Scaling

Computing Willingness-To-Pay (WTP) in Displayr

Webinar: Statistical Analysis for Conjoint



Data Visualization for Conjoint Analysis

Using Indifference Curves to Understand Tradeoffs in Conjoint Analysis

Using Substitution Maps to Understand Preferences in Conjoint Analysis

Creating Demand Curves Using Conjoint Studies

Webinar: Reporting for Conjoint

Webinar: Discover the Top Six Techniques of Pricing Research



Creating Online Conjoint Analysis Choice Simulators Using Displayr

Adjusting Conjoint Analysis Simulators to Better Predict Market Share

Optimizing your Conjoint Analysis Simulator in Displayr

How to Create an Online Choice Simulator by Hand

Using Choice-Based Conjoint in Pricing Research Studies

Using the Value Equivalence Line (VEL) with Conjoint Simulators

Webinar: Reporting for Conjoint

Webinar: Discover the Top Six Techniques of Pricing Research

Case Study: Eggs Choice Simulator

Case Study: Fast Food Simulator